ATK Girlfriends – Blair Summers in After London you get a BJ in Los Angeles

Elsa Jean After London, you get a BJ in Los Angeles
Released: January 23, 2016
On your last day in London you hold hands down to the ZLS London Zoo. Blair is a little freaked out with all the reptiles. She liked seeing the rest of the animals, including some colorful grasshoppers. Time to take a nap and get ready to see Les Misarables. Her furry bush sticks out of the sides of her undies before she sits to pee. You grab drinks after the show, but shes too tired to do anything before you go to bed. Back in L.A she makes up for it by sucking on your cock slowly then putting her high arched feet on it. Of course her heavy tits feel great sliding up and down on your cock. When you cum all over her feet theres a pretty big load.