ATK Girlfriends – Rikki Rumor in She smokes a cigarette then she smokes you

Skylar Leigh She smokes a cigarette, then she smokes you!
Released: January 26, 2016
Wow, you got yourself another curvy woman. She wants to know if you like her bra, but you cant get over how tasty her body looks. Rikki slides off her sandals and reveals her tiny high arched feet. She lights up a cigarette and blows the smoke on your cock. Now shes ready to suck on it! She expresses how much she likes it in your mouth. Shes proud of her tiny feet and intends on using them to get you off. Before she finishes you off, Rikki smashes your cock in between her tits. She jerks you off so you can cum all over her precious tits.