Black Is Better – Melissa Moore in Recital Of Her Dreams

Melissa Moore Recital Of Her Dreams
Released: January 19, 2016
With a big recital on the horizon, Melissa Moores been spending every waking moment in the dance studio working on her routine. When her teacher Ricky came to check on her progress, he found her stretching by the horizontal bars, and drank in the sight of her strong, supple ballet dancers body. While helping her rub and work the tension from her legs, Ricky felt a crackling sexual tension in the air too, and went in for the kiss. Not long after, Ricky pulled Melissas leotard down, and and licked and sucked on her nipples. Melissa got her hands on Rickys fat cock, and made his boner disappear down her throat. Watch the hot sex that came next, as Ricky bent Melissa over and fucked her from behind, then got on the ground for her to ride him all the way to a big facial cumshot!