College Fuck Parties – Penny Sabrina Eva Berder Jenny Rita Moor Dominika

Penny, Sabrina, Eva Berder, Jenny, Rita-Moor & Dominika Real wild college fucking by the lake, part 1
Released: November 10, 2014
I guess we all have our own standards and our own ideas of what a perfect college fuck party should be like. But this college orgy is the rare case when everyone agrees and admits that this was the greatest party ever. But lets go to the very start and see how it all began. Actually nobody expected this weekend in the country to turn into the wildest students fuck fest of all times. Its just that me and my friends decided to throw a little hot and steamy sex party in the fresh air. We packed a tent, a dozen bottles of champagne, some snacks, and asked six gorgeous college chicks to join us. Naturally, none of them could refuse 🙂 And here we are, dancing and drinking in the woods by a lake.

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