Cuckold Sessions – Aaliyah Love

Aaliyah Love Cuckold Sessions
Early Release: January 24, 2016
Like most women who are married to wealthy men, Aaliyah Love has a �personal trainer�. You know�these are the guys who put their client-wives through a �workout� and make them sweat. Aaliyahs �PT�, Isiah, sure does make her sweat. Too bad theyve never once used her in-home gym for its intended purpose! All they use it for is another room in the house to fuck. Isiah puts all his MILF �clients� through the same, sweaty routine: drop to the knees to suck, then bend over to get stretched out. This time things are a bit different. Hubby comes home early! At first, he tried to put Aaliyah in her place; however, its Aaliyah who is the �A Dog� in this relationship, and before you know, Hubbys getting indoctrinated into the cuckold lifestyle. Its a lifestyle he must accept, or its time for Divorce Court, where hell lose a hot wife�and half his net worth.