Cuckold Sessions – Hope Howell

Hope Howell Cuckold Sessions
Released: July 13, 2015
Warning: this scene is not for the faint of heart. It stars an evil cuckoldress, Hope Howell, and her pathetic, wimpy, sissy cuckold�whose name isnt even worth mentioning. Prepare yourself to watch as Hope puts him through the ringer. If Hope isnt whipping his ass, shes whipping his disgusting, little pee-pee. If shes not sissifying the Cuckold, Hopes degrading him. And, at random intervals, Hopes 11-inch Bull walks in to have his way. Hopes as submissive to her Bull as the cuckold is to Hope. My favorite part of this scene? Watch as Hope challenges her Cuckold to a cock-sucking challenge, one in which Cuckold will lose, of course. Cuckold will pay for that, too!