Cuckold Sessions – Mena Mason

Mena Mason Cuckold Sessions
Released: June 28, 2015
Meet Mena and Ciccle. Theyre œlife-stylists. They live the cuckold lifestyle, and theyre a very happy couple. Ciccle, whos got a dick that could never, ever satisfy Mena, knows his place in the relationship. Hes there to support Mena and the quest to keep her satisfied sexually. So when Mena asks for Ciccle to accompany her to a business meeting, he knows it goes way beyond a œbusiness meeting. Ciccle knows hes there to help Mena secure another Black Bull, and to be there as hes ridiculed, forced into chastity, and then asked to clean her up. Cause, after all, you cant expect a lady to leave a Cuckold Session a sticky, cummy mess!