Fantasy Massage – Dylan Phoenix

Dylan Phoenix So Youre A Pornstar
Released: July 22, 2015
Eric Masterson is here and back for your entertainment. I have this hot blonde number coming in today and couldnt wait to get my hands on this one. You see, my client today is the famous Dylan Phoenix, a trending pornstar I love to watch online. I cant count the times Ive masturbated to her sweet pussy being stuffed. But keeping my cool the entire time, I make my way towards Dylans chest but shes not sure why her breast werent covered. Letting Dylan know I knew she had implants, explained how crucial rubbing her tits were� I couldnt control my hands and fingertips touching her firm, pink nipples. Dylan stopped me; making an excuse they were sensitive and didnt think it would be �this kind of massage. I confessed letting her know I knew she was a pornstar and couldnt help myself since it wasnt every day you met a celebrity! I had to tell someone I met her today, but Dylan was firm that no one could know about her being a pornstar, especially her mom! If I were to blog this on any social media, it would lit
ly destroy her life! But, being the sweet guy that I am, I made her an offer she couldnt say no too; fuck my brains out and Ill be as quiet as a church mouse, if not, well I dont need to tell you guys what she opted for!