Fantasy Massage – Jade Nile

Jade Nile I Cheated On Him
Released: February 4, 2015
This ones a fucking smokeshow, a beautiful young lady by the name of Jade Nile who got a free massage from her husband as a gift. Well, Mr. Nile doesnt know it yet but the real gift was giving his wifes hot pussy to me wrapped up in a bow. You see, it turns out Jades a little cheating whore, and you know what they say, once a cheater always a cheater. Of course, she might just need a bit of persuasion. Something like, I dont know, telling her husband she came on to me. She wouldnt want that, would she? Lucky for her, my silence is easy to buy, and she knows if she gives me a great blow-jay that I wont say a word. And with her mouth full of cock, she cant say a word either!

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