Fantasy Massage – Marilyn

Marilyn Are You Gonna Help Me Fix My Braces?
Released: November 5, 2014
Today we got a referral! I was nervous at first, thinking she might have heard what we really do, but I guess her friend didnt relay that detail. Marilyn hasnt had a massage in years, so she is going to like anything I do to work out her tension, the only technique I wasnt sure about was the sexual type. When she told me she needed help to get her braces done, I offered to give her a little help if shed give me a little help back. When I told her she had to suck my cock, she took the bait. But when I whipped out a condom and started giving her my stiff rod she couldnt hold back her pleasure sounds. I shut her up quickly, and that really made my day! I pulled out and came all over her cute little pussy and finally showed her the hidden camera, before telling her my help wasnt really as helpful as she was thinking. The look on her face was priceless. Just another score for little old me!

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