Girls Way – Phoenix Marie Jessa Rhodes Mia Malkova in The Stunt Double

Phoenix Marie, Jessa Rhodes & Mia Malkova The Stunt Double
Released: January 25, 2016
Today, were on set of the filming of Mia Malkovas upcoming feature film. Such a beauty needs a stunt double for some of the harder scenes. Mia is a perfect beautify with a fragile flexibility to achieve some of the more sensual and subtle aspects of her film, but her hard laced stunt double Jessa Rhodes has the attitude and strength to seamlessly take Mias soft performance to a new level. Now that the opening drama has been filmed, Director Phoenix Marie must find a way to get the loose cannon Jessa to perform the attack to her best ability. As the clothes fly off, and the actresses show all, Phoenix cant help but wonder what would happen if she takes the script in a new direction. So when it turns out the leading man Riccardo, whos destined to save Mias life is M.I.A, Phoenix sees a potential opportunity to build the relationship she sees between Mia and Jessa, and takes a chance at filming something no one expected could make the final cut. She has Jessa stand in for Riccardo, and the passion begins to fly!
As Jessa lays the first kisses on Mia, Phoenix eggs them on for more and more passion. Jessa breaks character, and needs a talking to. Phoenix puts it plain and simple. Mias a woman and Jessas playing a man. There are no lesbians in the house, get it? Phoenix in all her frustration, uses her demanding presence to coach Jessa on how to perform the part. Jessa surely sees this as the opportunity shes been waiting for, and swallows her pride in order to rise to the opportunity shes being handed. Phoenix takes the back seat to see what monsters shes created, and Before long Mia and Jessa are licking one anothers pink pussies and sharing their taste with one another. If Phoenix didnt think this was lesbian before, theres no denying that this lesbian love fest was instigated by her, and that her newest lesbian movie will make it into the Hollywood Hall of Lesbian Treasures.