Glory Hole Secrets – Mary Jane

Mary Jane First Gloryhole POV
Released: November 13, 2014
Welcome the hot and horny MaryJane to our gloryhole. She is excited to do some cock sucking and cum eating today. She starts to call the guys back and loves how she can see herself in the POV camera. She helps pull cock number 1 through the hole, he is soft but she is ready for him to grow. She plays with his balls and sucks him hard. Looks like she has sucked a few cocks in the past, she knows all the right moves. He grows big and super hard for her. He explodes his cum load on to her tongue, it drips all over her. She decides she needs to take off her clothes for this messy trip. She pulls off her top, shorts, panties and bra exposing her nice petite body. She moves over to cock number 2 and starts to stroke him. She takes his fat dick into her mouth and he also grows in no time for her. She licks his shaft and strokes him. She takes him deep and gags herself. He pops his semen on to her tongue and and it drips all over her naked body. She swallows what she got, but next time she says she will take the entire loads. She moves over to cock number 3 and starts to work his dick, sucking, licking and stroking. Cock number 4 reaches through the hole and touches her ass. You can hear him moan through the hole, she sucks the cum right out of his cock, not letting any drip this time. Good girl! She opens her mouth and shows his big load before she swallows it. MaryJane moves over to cock number 4 and he touches her tits and grabs her nipples. He comes through the hole hard for her. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him all the way down, deepthroating it. She sucks his balls while stroking his cock. He doesnt last long with her, once again she takes big load like a champ. She shows it then swallows. Thanks him and moves over to cock number 5. She tells him she is getting a lot of protein today. She performs her magical blowjob/handjob skills on him. She loves to gag herself, she takes him deep and his cock disappears. She rubs his dick on her tits. She sticks her ass up in the air and cock number 6 reaches through the hole and rubs her pussy while she sucks cock 5. When he is ready to cum, she takes him deep and sucks hard. She sucks every last drop from his hard dick, then swallows. Cock number 6 reaches through and plays with her tits, she asks him if he is into boob milk, she then shows him how she can lactate. She squeezes some milk from both nipples. He has never seen that before. She takes his cock and rubs them in between her tits. She loves being titty fucked. Cock number 7 reaches through the hole and rubs her ass and pussy as she blows cock 6. She once again takes him deep, gagging herself. She takes care of him and he pops into her mouth, she gets every last drop before swallowing it. She sits down, spreads her legs and rubs her pussy talking about the names she has for her goodies. Its cock number 7s turn, she works him like he was the first. Sucking, jerking and licking him. He wants to fuck her tits, she of course loves that. She wants to fuck this strangers cock. She puts on a condom, backs her ass up to the hole and inserts his cock into her wet, very excited pussy. She grabs cock number 8, strokes and sucks him. He almost pops immediately. I think knowing the fact that another guy is fucking her really turned him on. He cums into her mouth and she swallows his entire load. She gets back down and finishes cock number 7 off. After being in her tight little pussy, he explodes his hot sperm into her mouth. You can hear him moan through the hole as she drains his cock and swallows. She moves over to cock number 9 and he wants to feel her pussy. He rubs her clit and fingers her pussy. He also wants to titty fuck her. She then takes his hard penis into her mouth and suck away, she also rubs her pussy while sucking his cock. She slaps his dick all over her tongue, plays around with him until he blasts her mouth with his man juice, down the hatch. Cock number 10 is hard and ready for his turn. She blows him deep and slow, it doesnt take him long to pop in her sexy mouth. She shows him his big load and swallows yet another load. She goes over to cock number 11 and starts to get him hard by stroking and sucking him. She gets out a vibrator and rubs it all over her clit and pussy while servicing him. She plays with his balls and licks his shaft until she takes yet another white load into her mouth. Cock number 12 pushes through the hole and she takes him like a champ, she gives her amazing skills until he unleashes into her pretty mouth. He tells her that there are 4 more guys waiting to be served. She takes in cock number 13 and blows him good. She strokes his cock getting it real juicy and wet. She puts on a condom and wants to fuck this stranger. She puts her ass up to the hole and he fucks her deep until she cums. She sucks and strokes him until he gives her yet another cum load on to her tongue, she shows him then swallows. Cock number 14 pushes through the hole and she jerks him. She then puts her cum filled mouth on his dick and sucks him hard. She works him good and makes him pop into her mouth, she shows it before swallowing. Cock number 15 wants to feel her ass, he grabs it while she cleans off her cum filled body. She puts her ass up to the hole and he touches her tight asshole and feels her wet pussy. He is nice and hard for her. She takes him into her mouth and plays with her vibrator again. He pushes his cock into her mouth as he cums, she takes it down the hatch. She tells him how huge his load was. Last but not least cock number 16 pushes through the hole. He loves the feel of her warm mouth sucking on him. She takes the last cum shot into her mouth and enjoys swallowing it all.

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