House Of Taboo – Isabel Dean

Isabel Dean Submissive Pisses Herself
Released: November 15, 2014
Isabel Dean is in what used to be called with a wink in the old days of 1950s Bettie Page fetish magazines and photos a bondage predicament. Yep, our heroine is trussed up and immobilized, just like Bettie used to be, but in Isabels case here shes tethered to a huge tree stump. Miss Deans not going anywhere, and her body is exposed to the elements, which is humiliating enough for any damsel-in-distress, but making the situation even more tense is that she was drinking a lot of beer before her master decided she needed some discipline and tied her up. So Yes, Isabel has to pee! And as youll see in her new fetish XXX video in Full HD BDSM splendor, shes gonna have to make her water right there on the ground. What an embarrassing thing that a young lady like Isabel cant stand quietly naked for a few hours outdoors without controlling herself, and has to spray out like an animal in the wild all her shameful leakies!!

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