Mommys Girl – Penny Pax Kendra James in Reluctant Rub

Penny Pax & Kendra James Reluctant Rub
Released: January 23, 2016
Kendra James bores her stepdaughter Penny Pax as she gawks at useless items for sale on TV. Penny begs Kendra to either change the channel and spend some quality time together like her mother promised. Kendra thinks watching TV and buying things is quality time enough. Penny is about to give up, trying to argue about her stepmothers obsession with home shopping until Kendra drools over a massage kit. Penny thinks its the most ridiculous item anyone would spend money on and offers to give her mother a massage instead. Kendra doesnt believe Penny knows anything about massaging, so Penny puts her mother to the test, proving she is much better than any machine you can buy online. Penny rubs her mothers back, gently admiring the size of Kendras boobs, giving them a subtle caress. Penny makes a deal with her mom; if she cant give her a massage that is out of this world, Kendra can buy whatever she likes online. Challenge accepted! Kendra removes her brand new dress, afraid it will get stained with oil. Penny takes
charge, rubbing her mothers bare back, secretly maneuvering her hands to reach Kendras boobs. Even though Kendras focus in on the television, she lectures Penny not to touch her boobs as it is inappropriate. So Penny finds another tactic to seduce her mother, which leads into a lesbian mother daughter sex heaven! Watch Penny seduce her shopaholic stepmom Today !