Moms Teach Sex – Ariella Ferrera Mila Jade

Ariella Ferrera & Mila Jade Practice Makes Perfect
Released: July 22, 2015
Mila Jade is feeling down, so her stepmom Ariella Ferrera sits down to help talk it out. Within moments Mila has spilled her guts that shes having trouble with her boyfriend Jessy Jones and that she feels that shes leaving him unsatisfied in bed. Ariella is relieved that Milas problem is something that she can help out with, so she jumps at the offer to give her stepdaughter some tips. Jessy is still sleeping upstairs when Ariella and Mila join him on the bed with a dildo. After giving a brief demonstration, Ariella hands Mila the other end of her double-sided dildo so that the girls can practice together. Soon Ariella declares Mila ready to practice on a real cock. With Jessy sleeping right there, the girls decide hes perfect for practice. Jessy wakes up instantly when Ariella wraps her warm lips around his cock, and he quickly agrees to let Mila use him for practice. Ariella gives her stepdaughter some additional tips about other tricks that she can try, and then invites Mila to climb on top of Jessys dick
for a stiffie ride. Here, too, Ariella is happy to offer a helping hand to improve the young couples sex life. When Jessy has brought Mila to a moaning climax, Ariella decides that its her turn for pleasure. After settling her stepdaughter onto Jessys face for a bald pussy eating, Ariella sinks down onto Jessys erection and starts pumping her hips in long strokes. Next Ariella and Mila lay together for a sweet pussy stack, giving Jessy the choice of which hole to fuck at his leisure. He gets Ariella off first, and then takes plenty of time making sure that Mila doesnt feel left out. She instantly knows that Jessy has been worth the wait as he thrusts in and out of her tight twat with steady strokes that gradually bring her to a powerful climax. Their impromptu threesome gradually comes to an end when Mila gets up on her hands and knees while Ariella lies beneath her in a perfect 69 position. Ariella is happy to open her mouth to accept Jessys cock, but it is Milas throbbing cleft that finally brings him to th
e edge of his endurance. Pulling out at the last moment, Jessy spurts his load all over Milas ass and Ariellas ecstatic face.