Mormon Girlz – Grace First Seeding in Grace First Seeding

Mormon Girlz Grace: First Seeding
Released: January 15, 2016
After she climbs off of the Priesthood Stretcher, Graces legs are shaking. The physical challenge and the mindblowing orgasm she experienced leave her feeling weak and a little dizzy. But the Seed Bearer tells Betty to have her clean up and prepare herself to receive his seed. Grace takes a quick shower, letting the warm water wash off her sweat and the consecrated oil covering her body. Alone in the shower, she quickly starts to feel like herself again. But shes surprised to find in herself the desire to have another sexual release so soon after she came. What is happening to her? She slides a hand down her wet body to her pussy and starts to finger herself. But before she can get very far, she hears the Seed Bearers telling her to step out of the shower. She feels ashamed that he caught her touching herself, but she does as told. She steps out of the shower, and he looks her up from head to toe before handing her a towel. He watches her dry herself off, then dresses her in a ceremonial robe – her body is to
tally visible through the sheer fabric. Without a word, he takes her hand and leads her up a staircase to the top floor of the temple. As they climb the stairs, Grace is trembling with nervousness and excitement. After all of the perverted things the Seed Bearer has asked her to do, she still hasnt seen his penis, and she wants to know what it looks like, what it tastes like, what it feels like inside her virgin pussy. When they finally reach the Seed Chamber, she finds that Anne and Betty are already there, sitting in a corner, wearing nothing but the temple apron. Knowing that they are going to watch her take his cock for the first time adds to her excitement. He seats her on the edge of the bed and says, �Do you promise to keep the secrets of the temple? All of you, bow your heads and say yes.� The three girls all bow their heads and say yes in unison. Then the Seed Bearer leans in and kisses her, hard.