Nubile Films – Anna Rose Lady D

Anna Rose & Lady D. Sensual Beauties
Released: July 21, 2015
Anna Rose is in the midst of taking sexy selfies when Lady D. joins her on the bed. The two girls lock lips instantly, exchanging passionate kisses and relieving each other of their bras so they can latch their lips onto one anothers rock hard nipples. When Lady has slipped Annas thong down her legs, Anna eagerly leans forward so that Lady can run the flat of her tongue up her lovers bald cleft. One lick isnt nearly enough, so after the first taste Lady happily settles in for an extended pussy licking much to Annas joy. When Annas twat is dripping with creamy juices, Lady knows that her woman is ready for something more than tongue action. Rising up on her knees, Lady slips two fingers deep into Annas fuck hole and kicks off a hard fast rhythm that gets Annas hips thrusting in longing. It doesnt take long for Lady to drive her lover to orgasmic bliss! Eager to return the favor, Anna urges Lady to lie down on her back. Kissing her way down her lovers body, Anny eventually makes it down to Ladys shaved slit. Sh
e takes a few minutes to tease the object of her desire with soft licks and tiny nibbles before diving in for a full-on pussy feast that only ends when her fingers replace her mouth to drive Lady wild with pleasure. Neither girl is fully sated yet, so Lady climbs on top of Anna to kick off a lusty 69. Their magic tongues lap and lick as Anna and Lady work to bring each other back to the edge of ecstasy. Even after Lady brings her fingers into the action as she caresses Annas landing strip snatch, Anna does it all with her talented mouth. Its not long before they have both enjoyed another round of orgasms, leaving their sexy slender bodies sated and satisfied.