Nubile Films – Mindy Vanessa Decker

Nubile Films Mindy, Vanessa Decker

Mindy cant wait for Vanessa Decker to join her in the bedroom so that the two girls can enjoy a sweet makeout session. Vanessa is quick to get handsy, pulling open Mindys shirt to play with her girlfriends braless tits before heading to the bed to bare her own in an invitation for Mindy to join her. All too happy to accept that invitation, Mindy sheds her shirt and then climbs on top of Vanessa for long lusty kisses and a titty massage from her lovers warm hands. When Mindy rolls to her side, both girls peel off their underwear at the same time. Now that Vanessas delectable twat is opened for Mindys pleasure, the raven haired hottie doesnt waste any time. Sliding her hand between Vanessas legs, Mindy goes to town rubbing her girlfriends clit while Vanessa writhes beneath her touch. Once Vanessa is nice and wet, Mindy ceases her clitoral stimulation in favor of a two-finger pussy pounding. She muffles Vanessas moans with deep kisses, all while her wrist is jackhammering in and out of Vanessas greedy twat. Soon
Vanessas hips are twitching and her whole body is quivering with the force of her explosive orgasm. Pulling Mindy on top of her so that Mindys back is to her belly, Vanessa parts her lovers thighs and buries her face in Mindys smooth snatch. Wrapping her arms around Mindys legs and leaning her head back, Mindy holds on for dear life as Vanessa uses her magic tongue to play her like an instrument. Soon Mindys whole body is shivering in time with Vanessas stimulation, blatantly projecting her desire to her lover. Although she could let Vanessa eat her out all day, Mindy isnt one to sit idly by and let her partner have all the fun. Flipping around so that she faces down, Mindy leaves her snatch within Vanessas reach while leaning forward to go back to her own pussy feast. The 69 lets both girls delight in each others twats while receiving intense pleasure at the same time, a perfect compromise for two girls who want to have it all. Vanessa hasnt forgotten the attention that Mindy laved on her, though. As soon as
she has found another climax, she cant wait to help Mindy up onto her hands and knees so that she can use both hands to pleasure her lovers bare snatch. Working Mindys clit with one hand, Vanessa soon slides two fingers deep into Mindys twat with the other and then goes to work finger fucking her lover until Mindy cant hold back another moment without cumming. This time, Vanessa has her eyes on the prize and she wont stop until Mindy is convulsing with the deepest ecstasy possible in her arms.
Pornstars: Vanessa Decker

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