Nuru Massage – Skyler Nicole Chanell Heart in Party In America Part One

Skyler Nicole & Chanell Heart Party In America: Part One
Released: October 2, 2015
Walking through the blazing heat of the primeval forest, The Prince and his loyal servant Adisas are in search for the elusive Nuru Massage palace, found deep in the secrets of their land. Adisas cant understand why they had to walk instead of taking their royal plane to their destination, but the prince emphasized that if he were to get caught watching or engaging in any pornography, his inheritance would be cut. Hearing the waterfall from a distance was a sign they were close to their magical destination. Finally making it to their journeys end, both the prince and his servant are greeted by the Witch Doctor and proprietor of the Nuru Massage. His composure was nothing but friendly, guarded with spears and his female body guards, Skyler Nicole and Chanell Heart. Adisas informs them that they were only here to experience the mystifying pleasures of Nuru. The Witch Doctor stands up taking hold of Adisas neck, showing his power and mistrust over these strangers. Thankfully, the King reassures the Witch they we
re not a threat and if money is what they wanted, the King had plenty.The Witch Doctor doesnt care about money, he is more impressed with the exquisite necklace around the Kings neck. He refuses to let it go since it is a family air loom, but with his servant being choked by the Witch Doctor and money being of no consequence, the King has no choice but to barter for his chance to be pampered and of course, for his servants life. The Chief shows the two strangers into his hut, initiating the Nuru Ritual with his magical sex dust and love potion. The King is scared his servant brought him to the wrong place, but he was soon relieved when Chanell and Skyler began to kiss, removing their bikinis, and fondling one anothers perky tits. The ebony princesses remove the princes robe, showing them their way into the Nuru tub, bathing them in the magical water. Each take their place on the nuru bed, and are covered in massage gel, having each girl rub their naked bodies over them with exotic seduction.