Passion HD – Alexis Adams

Alexis Adams Sweet Dreams
[i]Released: March 25, 2015[/i]
Selena is a little nympho that loves sex! She is one horny little cock sucker and cant wait to suck, feel and taste these strangers cum. After her interview she waits for the guys to push through. Cock 1 and 2 are both through the holes and ready for her sexy mouth to wrap around them. She gets on her knees and puts the first dick in her mouth, she jerks and sucks as he grows in her mouth. She pleasures him and when he is ready to pop she continues to stroke him as he cums in her mouth. He dumps his monster load right on to her tongue and she swallows. Cock 2 is big and hard for her already. She sucks and jerks him, she tries to please him but he just cant cum. He must need a break, she stands up and strips off all her clothes including her boots and socks for all the feet lovers. She gets down on her knees and cock 3 is waiting for her. She takes him into her mouth and sucks him, she uses her hand to stroke him at the same time. You can hear him moan as he explodes his cum load right into her mouth. She drains him, then swallows his hot cream. She turns around and moves over to cock 4, she starts to please him and he grows in her sexy mouth. He doesnt last long with her, she drains every drop from his dick and swallows like a champ. She puts the vibrator on her pretty pussy and sucks off cock 5 at the same time. She gives him a handjob/blowjob mix until he gives her the next oral creampie and then down the hatch it goes. Cock 6 pushes through hard and ready for his turn. She takes him into her mouth and sucks away. She continues to jerk and suck him until she takes yet another cum load. She gets cozy on the stool and as she masturbates she takes cock 7 into her mouth and blows him. She performs her skills on him until he unleashes his hot white cream into her mouth. She swallows yet another big load. Cock 8 pushes through soft, but in no time he gets rock hard for her. As she pleasures him, cock 9 starts to finger her soaking wet pussy. She works a long time on his hard cock, but he doesnt cum so she moves over to cock 9. She takes him into her mouth and does her stroke/suck combo on his hard dick. When he is ready to cum, she opens wide and takes every drop into her mouth. She moves back to cock 8 and works him until he finally gives her his pop shot right on to her tongue. Cock 10 asks her to stand up, he wants to check out her hot naked body. She opens her legs wide, touches her pussy as she takes his penis into her mouth. She wants to fuck this one. He reaches through and plays with her clit as she plays with his cock. He puts a condom on and she backs her sexy ass up to the hole. He fucks her doggie style through the hole. He comments on how tight her pussy is. She gets back down and he fucks her face until he cums into her mouth. She shows the cum load before she swallows. She moves over to cock 11 and sucks him off. You can hear him groan through the hole as he explodes his sperem right into her mouth. She moves over to cock 12 and starts all over again, jerking and sucking him like he was the first. He grows big and hard in her mouth and fills her up with his hot jizz. She swallows some more protein. Cock 13 is ready for her turn and she is ready to pleasure him. She does just that, she takes him into her mouth and sucks away. He doesnt last long with her, he explodes his main juice right on to her tongue. She swallows, giggles and moves over to cock 14. She wants to play with herself again so this time she uses a dildo and sucks him at the same time. She keeps stroking and sucking him until he pops his hot cream into her mouth. She moves over to cock 15 and he is hard for her. She continues to fuck herself with her dildo and please him at the same time. She gives him a good handjob/blowjob mix until he unleashes his wad into her mouth, she shows it before she swallows. Cock 16 comes through the hole soft, but not for long. She takes him into her mouth, jerking and sucking until he pops. She takes the last cum load of the day.

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