Sex Art – Agatha Silvie Luca

Agatha & Silvie Luca The Road Goes On 2
Released: February 13, 2015
Sexarts Alis Locanta released his original �The Road Goes On� in the middle of 2013. Now he revives the title, but �The Road Goes On Two� isnt precisely a sequel, a more accurate description might be �variation on a theme.� When we first meet the stars – Agatha and Silvie Luca – theyre walking along a sunny lane, rucksacks on their backs, and obviously looking for a particular address. When they find the house, and enter thanks to the hidden key that was waiting for them, the mood is energetically romantic. Wide-eyed at the beauty and luxury of their getaway location, they kiss repeatedly inside, and then outside in the backyard as they drink in the ocean view. In the bedroom their love, affection, and desire for each other takes flight. The two lithe, slender beauties, both topless and wearing panties, kiss in the warm afternoon light that fills the intimate space. And then they set to satisfying each other in earnest. This isnt a typical �you do me and then Ill do you� encounter, theres a fluid, spontaneous
give and take that allows the lovers to flow seamlessly from one position to another, from one peak of pleasure to the next, the role of giver and receiver shifting as arousal and desire mingle and mesh. By the time �The Road Goes On 2� reaches its conclusion each participant has experienced her own ecstasy, as well as a final simultaneous climax, and then an unexpected and bittersweet coda adds complexity and depth to an already thoroughly engaging cinematic experience.

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