Sex Art – Amarna Miller Tracy Lindsay

Amarna Miller & Tracy Lindsay Love For Sale Crossdressing Chapter 2
Released: November 16, 2014
Tracy Lindsays continues her contemplative and adventurous exploration of sexuality and the sub rosa world of high priced erotic escorts in Love for Sale Chapter 2 Crossdressing. Following the format director Alis Locanta established in the introductory episode of the series, Tracy begins by comparing the movement of the planets in space to the characteristics and behaviors of humans on Earth. Using the Moon as a metaphor she muses on the public face we share with the world and the hidden face, the dark side, we all possess. Amarna Miller costars, and with the use of traditionally male clothing, a dominant, aggressive, male attitude, and a prosthetic appendage, enjoys an afternoon of passion with submissive and eager-to-please Lindsay. An enthusiastic blowjob provides the prelude to a feverish fuck in two positions that reaches a particularly intense conclusion as Tracy achieves a body-wracking orgasm. After a brief respite, with her partner standing over her, Tracey licks and diddles Miller to a knee-trembling climax of her own. Thoughtful, thrilling, playful, intriguing, introspective, and outlandish, Love for Sale Chapter 2 Crossdressing shines a fresh and engaging light not just on sexuality, but on humanity, as well.

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