Sex Art – Blue Angel Chelsea Sun

Brianna Brooks Donation Sensation
Released: July 3, 2015
The music is somber and theres a subtle touch of ambiguity ” echoed by the films cryptic title ” thats introduced in the opening minutes of Andrej Lupins œPerceive. Nude, her back to the camera, Chelsea Sun watches as Blue Angel bathes herself in an adjoining, glass-walled, shower enclosure. When Sun joins Angel in the shower the loving, playful nature of their relationship comes as a bit of a surprise, but its spontaneous, mutual, and a pleasure to witness. Next the lovers trade positions ” Chelsea showers and Blue watches. But when still-dripping Chelsea joins Angel on the bed the roles of voyeur or exhibitionist are discarded in favor of active and vigorous collaborators in a steamy session of sapphic sex-play. Blue hungrily eats Chelsea in two positions, then adds probing fingers to the mix, and when Sun adds her own slit-stroking to the equation its not long before shes moaning with pleasure and ultimately rearing up off the bed as she achieves orgasm. With Blue on all fours, Sun tongues and sucks her p
ussy from behind with immediate results. As Sun continues to lick and finger her, Blue reaches back holding her partners head against her succulent, highly aroused flesh. After Chelsea begins to finger Blue orgasm rapidly approaches, and when it hits a smile of satisfaction rapidly spreads across her face. The lovers kiss, laugh, and play, savoring the pleasure theyve both just enjoyed, and reveling in the moment, ending œPerceive on a energetically and unambiguously romantic note.