Sex Art – Chloe Amour Layla Sin

Chloe Amour & Layla Sin Something Else That I Have To Survive
Released: February 27, 2015
From its cryptic title to its ominous, almost sinister epilogue, Alis Locantas Something Else That I Have To Survive is wrapped in a thin veneer of mystery, but the actual content of the film – a heated bout of Latin-flavored lesbianism – is simple, straight-forward, sizzling, and satisfying. Layla Sin and Chloe Amour lounge on a bed munching on salty snacks and sipping soda pop as they recount recent events in their lives. The mood here is giddy, girlish, and cheerful, with subjects ranging from hot guys to beauty pageants. But then, suddenly serious, Sin declares: I dont know what I would do without you. That heart-felt pronouncement opens the door and sexual love immediately makes its entrance. After peeling off Sins skin-tight jeans Amour uses her long, delicate fingers and agile tongue to penetrate and tease Layla to vocal peaks of pleasure. And after shes regained her composure, Sin eagerly repays the debt, first licking and probing Amour from the front, then moving behind her and reaching around un
til her partner has reached orgasm. The casting here is particularly appealing – though each is distinctly appealing in her own right, Amour and Sin are surprisingly similar in outward appearance. Exotically beautiful, with long dark hair, dark eyes, and lean, shapely, long-limbed bodies, this striking visual pairing is a major reason that Something Else That I Have To Survive is really something to savor.

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