Sex Art – Cristal Caitlin Kiara Lord

Cristal Caitlin & Kiara Lord What Happens When Episode 5
Released: March 29, 2015
Although the party is still going strong, the action in �What Happens When Episode 5� is a shade more subdued than what has been featured in previous installments of Andrej Lupins scorching series. Kiara Lord – who was ravaged by Eva Berger in Episode 2 – takes her turn as the aggressor here. She steps outside for a smoke, chats briefly with Cristal Caitlin, and then takes her new friend by the hand and leads her away from the party. The two blondes kiss passionately on a nearby patio and then enter the privacy of Kiaras apartment. This interlude is something of a departure for the series. Previous impromptu hook-ups in �What Happens When� have been fast, furious, feverish, and fiery encounters. Here the mood is significantly more serene, even restrained. Much time and emphasis is devoted to kissing and caressing, the pace is unhurried, and while desire and passion are quite clearly present, those emotions unfold and escalate at a measured, deliberate tempo. Lord is an attentive, patient, and sen
sitive lover, using all the tools at her disposal – including her eyes and ears – as she pleasures her partner. And even when its her turn to receive, Lord remains dominant, straddling Cristals face in the sixty-nine position and quickly achieving her own orgasm. A subtle and satisfying blend of tender and torrid, �What Happens When Episode 5� adds a new dimension to an already engaging and satisfying erotic series.

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