Sex Art – Cristal Caitlin Naomi Nevena

Cristal Caitlin & Naomi Nevena Unexpected Photo
Released: June 3, 2015
Cristal Caitlin is strolling along a residential street one afternoon. As she passes Naomi Nevenas home the blonde waves a greeting from the balcony and invites Cristal in for a chat over a glass of wine. Its quite clear that the two women are friends, but the precise nature of their relationship remains uncertain. During the course of their conversation Nevena hands Caitlin her iPhone to share some photos with her. Cristal browses casually through a selection of innocuous landscape photos, but when she finds a couple of nude images of her host the mood changes. They move to the sofa to discuss the erotic photos and eventually share a kiss. And so a (planned?) seduction begins to unfold, with Nevena taking the lead. The pace here is tender and somewhat tentative, and while Cristal is willing and receptive to Naomis advances, one gets the sense shes the less experienced of the two ” at least at first. Naomi then proceeds to eagerly eat and stroke Cristal to a sweet and extended “though somewhat understated ” c
limax. Any shyness or timidity Caitlin may have displayed thus far evaporates as she makes love to Nevena. After exploring the treats concealed in Naomis panties Cristal tongues and fingers her until shes moaning and writhing with delight. Then Naomi straddles Cristals face and gets licked, kissed, and eaten to an obviously satisfying orgasm. Still glowing with erotic pleasure the nude beauties then pose together for a series of selfies, bringing œUnexpected Photo to a picture-perfect conclusion.