Sex Art – Gina Gerson Linda Sweet

Gina Gerson & Linda Sweet Game At The Moment Part 3
Released: July 7, 2015
More fun, more games, and more sizzling sex are all on the agenda in Part 3 of Andrej Lupins �Game at the Moment.� True to series form, the episode opens with a freewheeling party in progress. As part of the game theyre playing, Linda Sweet sucks Frida Starks tits, and shortly thereafter Gina Gerson slides an exploring hand inside Sweets panties. The delicious duo begin to kiss, the camera moves in close, and when it pulls back their friends have disappeared, the room has been cleared, and they are alone and free to enjoy themselves. In short order Sweet has helped Gerson out of her shirt, skirt, and panties, and begins to lick, suck, and kiss her clean-shaven pussy. Linda obviously enjoys what shes doing, and so does Gina – soon the slender sex star is transported by orgasmic pleasure, moaning, exclaiming, and reacting expressively to every kiss, finger-thrust, lick, or stroke, on her way to reaching a powerful climax. After the briefest of pauses, Gerson kisses her way down Sweets cream-skinned and sh
body, slides off her white panties, and digs in. Gina sucks and smooches Lindas pussy hungrily, finger-bangs her, and even uses the knuckles of her petite fist to rub and stroke her clitoris until she quivers with delight. As Ginas flicking tongue works its magic on Lindas pussy, Lupins camera swoops and glides, rising above the lusty love-makers, then sliding in close, and finally pulling back as Sweet lifts her ass off the sofa and pushes herself against Gersons insatiable mouth. A bit of skilled stroking pushes Sweet over the edge of ecstasy, and after a kiss the couple are, once more, surrounded by their friends, and the party that is �Game at the Moment Part 3� reaches its happy ending.