Sex Art – Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson Game At The Moment Part 1
Released: June 23, 2015
Andrej Lupin quickly establishes the premise of his series œGame at the Moment in the opening moments of Part 1. A group of friends are engaged in a spirited session of game play. The board game theyre playing is called œ69 Love in World, and spectators will quickly recognize its similarity to the age-old amusement, œTruth or Dare. When its Nick Wolanskis turn hes tasked with teasing Gina Gerson, which he does by kissing her exposed ass and panty-clad pussy from behind. But the elements of voyeurism, exhibitionism, and group merriment evaporate and disappear while Wolanski and Gerson share a tender, passionate kiss. When they release their embrace the room is empty, theyre alone, and the mood is intimate, sensuous, and romantic. While the couple demonstrate a strong emotional connection its never made explicitly clear if theyve been thrown together by the game, or if theyre an already an established couple. This uncertainty only adds to the intimacy and impact of the interlude ” both participants are keenl
y focused on each other throughout, and as the scene unfolds theres an almost reverential quality to the action. Kisses are slow, tender, lingering. Eye-contact is extended, expressive, conveying deep desire, lighthearted enjoyment, and the shared experience of sexual pleasure. Wolanski is the more emotionally reserved of the two, but not at the expense of attentiveness or commitment. But anyone would appear reserved when compared to Gina Gerson. When shes dispensing pleasure shes a visual delight, teasing and pleasing in equal measure. And when shes receiving it shes electric ” this delicate, slender, petite gamine is shockingly responsive, and expresses herself vocally and physically with vivid, visceral energy. Whether shes administering a two-fisted blowjob, fucking or being fucked, Gerson is a sight to behold, and her connection with Wolanski and her stunning performance in its own right make œGame at the Moment Part 1 a definite winner.