Sex Art – Henessy A Nataly Gold

Henessy A & Nataly Gold Next Station
Released: June 19, 2015
Henessy A is in a hurry. She walks briskly and with a look of determination and eager anticipation on her face. When she arrives at a bus stop she takes a seat and make a phone call ” the scheduled rendezvous is proceeding as planned. As Nataly Golds bus pulls up and she spots Henessy its obvious that the anticipation of this meeting is mutual. Minutes later they arrive at Henessys home where they share a cup of tea and the pleasure of one anothers company. But theres far more to this relationship than simple friendship and playful affection, and as œNext Station unfolds it steadily builds in erotic intensity to an absolutely explosive conclusion. Henessy is the more aggressive, assertive, and expressive of the two. She strips, fondles, and eventually eats and fingers Nataly with nearly relentless energy, finally sucking her lovers bald box to a strong and satisfying climax. And when Henessy is on the receiving end shes every bit as engaged, demonstrative, and uninhibited. She does a backbend off the couch t
hrusting her steaming cunt against Natalys mouth, and then grasps her head pulling it against her sex as she rhythmically humps and grinds against luscious lips and probing tongue. Passionate, intense, and vigorously physical, when Henessy reaches orgasm it is a major event, vocal, powerful, and earth-shaking. But Andrej Lupins film doesnt end there ” after a kiss or two Henessy furiously finger-bangs Nataly to a final stunning come. Do you enjoy intense lesbian erotica? If so youll want to experience œNext Station. Its where you get off.