Sex Art – Iwia

Iwia The Contract
Released: January 8, 2015
In �The Contract,� director Alis Locanta returns, in a roundabout way, to themes hes explored previously, most notably his ambitious, four-part, �Love for Sale� series. But dont expect images of outer space or existential introspection here – despite some intentional ambiguity, �The Contract� is about a relatively simple business transaction, formalized, structured, and signed on the dotted line. When Iwia A appears at his door Franck Franco is pleasantly surprised. At first the mood is businesslike, if cordial. An agreement is outlined, and Iwia, despite some lingering reservations, signs it. What follows are a series of encounters specified in the title document, and although they are outlined in binding legalese, they are of a distinctly kinky nature. Her hands bound, Iwia has her panties lowered and the cheeks of her rump repeatedly spanked until they glow and she moans with pleasure. After being stripped and instructed to put on a skimpy bra and panties set, Iwias hands are once more tethered and Franco
methodically fingers her to ecstasy. In another encounter the dominant male services his willing and submissive signatory with a crystal dildo. �The Contract� reaches a somewhat unexpected crescendo when Iwia appears once more at Francos door. Gone are the legal stipulations and erotic accoutrements, and in their place mutual desire, passion, and sexual hunger. This segment begins with intense kissing, segues into fevered fellation, and reaches a powerful and simultaneous orgasmic conclusion after an on-the-floor fuck. An intriguing cinematic structure, and two impressive performances make �The Contract� a particularly satisfying transaction.

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