Sex Art – Kari A

Kari A Game At The Moment Part 2
Released: June 28, 2015
The group of free-spirited friends who gathered for an afternoon of adult fun in the introductory installment of Andrej Lupins œGame at the Moment return in œPart 2, and this episode utilizes the now-established template. As players roll the dice and move their pieces around the board theyre given titillating tasks to perform with other players. Kari A and Kristof Cale wind up in an embrace, kissing one another with increasing passion, and when they break their clinch theyre alone in the room and free to explore and enjoy each other in peace and privacy. Kari A has appeared in three previous Sexart erotic feature films, as well as a quartet of still photo galleries, but shes always been partnered with women, and this is her first Sexart scene with a male costar. In short order the couple are in a heated sixty-nine and thats followed by an extended screw in the reverse cowgirl position with Cale providing additional clitoral stimulation via a reach-around. Kristof is mute but attentive, letting Kari set the
pace as her arousal builds in ever-stronger waves of pleasure. After pausing to suck and stroke Kristofs cock, Kari mounts him in the cowgirl position and rides to her final destination. Her back now glazed with perspiration, her breathing heavy, and her moaning ever louder, orgasm overtakes her, and a load of cum is deposited deep within her pussy. After a post-orgasmic smile and kiss the couple are magically once more surrounded by their friends, and œGame at the Moment Part 2 reaches its conclusion, leaving the viewer satisfied as well as primed for the arrival of the next episode of this engaging and entertaining series.