Sex Art – Kiara Lord Nataly Von

Kiara Lord & Nataly Von Arguments
Released: July 18, 2015
We dont know how, why, or who started it, but as Andrej Lupins �Arguments� begins, Kiara Lord and Nataly Von are engaged in a verbal tiff that incrementally escalates into a full-blown fight. As tempers flare and the shouting ramps up they abruptly storm off in separate directions only to reunite moments later, face to face, in a stairwell. Tension is high – we cant be sure if the enraged beauties are going to come to blows or come to an understanding. Thankfully, the heat of the disagreement instantly dissipates and is immediately replaced by the irresistible heat of mutual desire. With the subject and substance of their argument now forgotten, they give in to their blossoming hunger and a classic example of emotionally charged �make-up sex� unfolds. Soon Lord drops to her knees and quickly removes Vons black lace panties. She then plants her mouth on Natalys mound and begins to suck and savor her smooth pussy. By the time Lord once more rises to her feet Nataly is in a high state of arousal and Lo
rds agile,
insistent fingers soon stroke and probe her to a thoroughly satisfying climax. Now that its her turn to make amends, Von doesnt waste a second. She pulls off Kiaras lingerie and begins to eat her from behind, then snakes a hand around and strokes her while continuing her oral attentions. Eventually Vons two probing fingers and flicking tongue prove too effective to withstand and Kiara quivers, moans, and shudders through a knee-trembling orgasm. �Arguments� ends with an unexpected and spontaneous glimpse behind the scenes of the production, putting a lighthearted spin on an engaging and extremely erotic episode.