Sex Art – Kiara Lord Vanessa Decker

Sex Art Kiara Lord, Vanessa DeckerSexy blonde Kiara Lords fervid sexual imagination leads her to Vanessa Deckers bed in the middle of the night, as the second episode of Andrej Lupins intriguing series œRoom of Secrets� gets underway. Kiara wakes Vanessa gently, and begins to suck her nipples until the brunette babe is just as turned on as her girlfriend. They kiss passionately and Kiara straddles Vanessa, rubbing and grinding on her, riding her fingers and then going down to eat her. Vanessa rocks her hips up to meet Kiaras tongue, her movements growing more frantic as Kiara adds her probing fingers to the mix. She turns into spoons for Kiara to stroke her to a delicious orgasm. Now Kiara goes face down, ass up and Vanessa finger-bangs her hard and fast, making her gasp and squirm. Kiara rolls onto her back and Vanessa licks her to a prolonged, shuddering climax. As Kiara appears back in her own bed, it seems the liaison was simply a masturbatory fantasy generated by the œRoom of Secrets.� It remains to be
seen what dirty dreams the third episode will stir up�
Pornstars: �Kiara Lord, Vanessa Decker