Sex Art – Mango A

Mango A Girls Love Sex Exhibitionist
Released: November 5, 2014
Zalman Kings original concept for the Sexart series Girls Love Sex was as simple as it was inspired. By combining an informal, candid interview with a spontaneous, self-directed masturbation sequence, the subject has the opportunity to present a multi-dimensional image of herself. While King is, regrettably, no longer with us, his spirit and vision live on, and GLS now with the suffix International continues to intrigue, arouse, impress, and entertain in the capable hands of director Alis Locanta. Russian beauty Mango A is the star of Girls Love Sex Exhibitionist, and she provides a perfect example of why the series is so effective. Even if you know Mango from her still photo galleries – here and at Metart – or if youve seen her in Sexart HD erotic movies, theres still much to know about this stunning natural beauty. By turns autobiographical and confessional, Mangos interview reveals not just background information, interesting facts, and engaging anecdotes, it exposes her personality in ways that still photos and fictional films simply cant – and we also learn that she speaks impressively fluent English, in the process. When she begins to get aroused telling a story of about her own, real life, exhibitionism, she declares: Okay, no more talking, and then devotes her full, focused attention to pleasing herself as the camera looks on. The title is true: Girls Love Sex. And its equally true that each girl loves sex in her own unique, individual way. Mango knows exactly what she wants, and she proceeds to give it to herself, with uninhibited technique and satisfying results. As a bonus, Locanta includes a separate sequence of Mango outside, glammed up and wetted down in a micro-bikini showing still more of her steamier side.

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