Sex Art – Silvie Deluxe

Silvie Deluxe Out Of Business
Released: November 2, 2014
In Out of Business, real estate agent Thomas Lee is the picture of buttoned-down professionalism and his prospective client, Silvie Deluxe, is businesslike and attentive as he walks her through a property shes interested in. But as they tour the building subtle sparks of mutual attraction begin to fly. Deluxe checks out Lee when his back is turned. And Thomas, somewhat clumsily, removes his wedding band while Silvies attention is diverted. When they sit down on a couch to discuss the nuts and bolts of the deal the veneer of professionalism begins to peel away. Silvie starts to flirt more boldly, and Thomas welcomes her advances eagerly. Soon the contract is put aside and the couple give in to their overwhelming attraction for each other. Silvie pulls up her fitted skirt, pulls down her lace panties, and straddles Lees lap, rubbing her moist slit up and down the length of his straining erection. Insertion soon follows and Deluxe begins to ride her impromptu partner in the upright position. Piece by piece they rid each other of their clothing. Deluxe reclines, her back supported by the coffee table. She rolls onto her back and Thomas pumps her passionately against the cushions. Deluxe moves onto all fours, one knee on a chair, the other on the couch, as Lee vigorously screws her from behind. The emotional power of attraction and the physical effects of heated sex soon combine to gift Deluxe with a powerful orgasm, and Lee finishes shortly thereafter, depositing his seed on her round rump. Dont let the title fool you – the beautiful business of lust at first sight is booming.

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