Sex Art – Silvie Luca Taylor Sands

Silvie Luca & Taylor Sands – Another Love Journey
Released: November 21, 2014
Before there is an image on the screen sounds of passion can be heard as “Another Love Journey” begins. When the source of the sounds appears were looking through a partially open door as Taylor Sands and Silvie Luca kiss and caress each other passionately. Without warning Taylor breaks free of the clinch, walks to the door, and pulls it shut. With this brief prelude, director Alis Locanta lets the viewer know that what weve just witnessed – and what were about to see – is not only intensely and vigorously erotic, but also extremely private and intimate. After a stylish title sequence we rejoin the stars, who are now both sitting on a couch – Taylor is snacking on a cup of yoghurt while Silvie studies her smartphone. With a playful and vixenish look on her face, Taylor straddles her lover and proceeds to feed her tiny tastes of creamy yoghurt using only the tips of her long fingers. What begins as tease becomes flirtation and segues quickly into seduction. After licking and sucking Lucas protuberant nipples Sands slides between her legs and licks and fingers her to a vocal, breathy climax. Then, with Taylor standing before her, Silvie strokes and penetrates her pussy, and after Sands has spread out on the sofa, eats and probes her to a sweetly satisfying orgasm. A brief epilogue, under the end credits, in which Luca and Sands watch each other masturbate, tells us that what weve just enjoyed is just one interlude among many in this romance, and that “Another Love Journey” will continue in the future whether were there to watch, or not.

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