Sex Art – Uma

Uma Blindfolded Passion
Released: February 1, 2015
When Uma Zex – making her debut in a Sexart HD erotic feature – steps through the gate at Nick Wolanskis home hes waiting for her with a plan in mind and a blindfold in hand. Once the blindfold is in place and completely depriving the beautiful blonde of her sight, Wolanski leads her inside. As the bathtub fills in the background, Wolanski takes the time to leisurely enjoy the blindfolded beauty. He kisses her tenderly, removes her dress, teases her puffy nipples, and then kisses her feet and sucks her toes after taking off her shoes. After removing her black panties – but leaving the blindfold securely in place – he guides her into the bathtub where he lovingly caresses her lithe, long-limbed body and plays with her wet pussy, if only briefly. After carefully drying Uma, Nick directs her into the bedroom where he proceeds to massage and stroke clear oil up and down the length of her beautiful body. Until this point Wolanski has been deliberate, even restrained in his actions, but he next gives in to his desi
res, licking and sucking Umas pussy from behind, and then inserting his erect cock and fucking the blindfolded beauty. After a pause in the pumping Uma gives Nick a blowjob, during which he removes her blindfold. Now the couple devote themselves fully to enjoying the interlude, fucking passionately in a variety of positions, arriving at orgasm, and ultimately an internal ejaculatory explosion. The sensuous and erotically-charged game the loving couple play make Blindfolded Passion something to see as well as to savor.

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