Sex Art – Whitney Westgate

Whitney Westgate Distorted Reality 2
Released: February 4, 2015
Like the original, Alis Locantas �Distorted Reality Two� is bound to be the subject of some controversy. The second offering in the series shares some of the same ominous and moody atmosphere of the original, but its also substantially different. The most obvious difference is that the original was a girl/girl feature, and �Distorted Reality Two� is – superficially, at least – a solo performance. When we first see Sexart first-timer Whitney Westgate shes asleep in her bed. But shes not resting peacefully. Her brow is furrowed with worry and she shifts restlessly on the mattress. Soon she awakens from what was obviously a very disturbing dream. She makes her way through the dark hallways of her home until she reaches the kitchen. She pours a glass of water and then shes overwhelmed by the sudden irresistible urge to masturbate. With reality distorted, as it so clearly is here, were never quite certain if shes fully conscious or still partially asleep – but shes obviously completely aroused. She masturbates, st
anding, without taking off any of her clothing, and after she spills her glass of water down the front of her body the liquid doesnt dampen her enthusiasm, it acts as an accelerant. She strips. She vigorously fingers herself. She grabs a crystal probe from the kitchen counter – keep the films title in mind here – and fucks herself to orgasm. No more can be said without revealing too much, but suffice it to say that �Distorted Reality Two� is a deliciously distorted, engaging, and entertaining work of erotic cinema.

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