Sextape Lesbians – Ariana Grand Tara Morgan

Ariana Grand & Tara Morgan I Came For You
Released: November 11, 2014
My girl Tara came by to pick me up on a bicycle built for two! Ive heard about them before, but theyre kind of like the stuff of dreams. To actually see one and use it on our trip to Santa Monica was like a daydream come true! Of course we had to film ourselves. My followers would have a fit if they found out I didnt! But, what happened when we saw the stunning view at the end of our ride was only the beginning, keep watching to see what Tara and I did when we got back to the room. Heres a little hint: things got pretty heated. I cant say Ive had an orgasm that I will remember as well as that one specifically, and now (hopefully) the world will get to see our perfect little sex tape. Enjoy!

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