The Life Erotic – Andrea P in Dairy Symphony 2

Andrea P Dairy Symphony 2
Released: November 15, 2015
Maverick auteur Paul Black is a master of atmosphere, and �Dairy Symphony grabs the attention from the first frame. Andrea P sits drenched in sweat, her skirt raised to expose her pussy, as water drips onto a bucket of hot coals in her makeshift sauna. She grabs a jug of milk and gulps it, letting rivulets pour down to soak her clothes and pool around her crotch. A classical symphony is the lyrical accompaniment as the milk cascades through the ashes; the tone changes abruptly as Andrea cracks an egg in her hand and smears the yolk between her thighs. Her pussy glistens pinkly as she pours more milk over the mess; she swallows another egg, the milk sizzling on the hot metal plate, her expression inscrutable. She slides a fingertip into her pussy, stirring it around. Water cascades onto the flooded floor, a lamp falls and smashes, fire engulfs; destruction is everywhere but Andrea continues to masturbate with jerky, compulsive movements. For a moment, everything becomes still. Andrea grabs a wooden spoon and
uses the thick end as a dildo, sliding it in and out, her pace quickening until her orgasm crashes through her. As a rush of dirty water quenches the hot coals, the meaning of this dark masterpiece may be obscure, but its unexpected beauty begs repeated watching.