The Life Erotic – Brandy

Brandy A My Truth Phallus 2
Released: June 16, 2015
Episode two of this intriguing new series continues to explore Assolis defining sexual experiences. This time, in the aptly named ˜Phallus, we watch Assoli as she spies on Brandy sucking a shiny black dildo and running it teasingly around her stiff nipples. Assoli listens to Brandys gasps of pleasure as she peels down her sexy panties and plunges the dildo into her hot pink hole, her cries and the sticky sounds of her pleasure growing louder as she drives the dong in harder and faster. She turns onto her side to diddle herself even more noisily, pausing to suck her cream from the mock cock, then moves into doggie position, rubbing her clit as she fucks herself to a powerful and prolonged climax. Assoli watches throughout, her face transfixed with delight and Brandys naughty smile at the end suggests she is well aware of her appreciative audience¦