The Life Erotic – Introspection 2

The Life Erotic Introspection 2
Blonde Delphine seems thoughtful? and perhaps a little lonely. We get a glimpse into her memory ? or is it her imagination? ? as she takes a large cock into her mouth, her lips and tongue working on it voraciously. Yet all is not as it seems: her ?lover? is a large, realistic-looking dildo. She gazes at herself in the bathroom mirror, lost in her own thoughts, unsure? contrasting with her confident, steady gaze and the sexy gleam in her eye as we get a lovers eye view of her on her knees, licking and sucking once again. Later, Delphine is lying on a couch, the loose, silken threads of a blanket trailing over her naked body, teasing her to arousal. As her mind begins to wander, her hands start to explore, skimming her stiff nipples as they move down to her juicing pussy. Soon, the peace of the afternoon is broken by her cries of ecstasy.
Pornstars: Delphine

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