The Life Erotic – Ivonne A

Ivonne A Lipstick 2
Released: July 10, 2015
Foxy brunette Ivonne A looks stunning in her tight red dress as she peers into the mirror, applying lipstick to her full, luscious lips. Struck by a horny impulse, she begins to trail the lipstick down her chest, unzipping her dress as she goes, and zeroing in on her stiffening nipple. She circles the lipstick all around her beautiful breasts, down over her flat stomach, and into her panties. Her hips undulating with the waves of arousal coursing through her, she removes her panties and sinks down onto the sofa, spreading her thighs and rubbing the lipstick tube against her mound. She slides the tube right inside her flushed pink pussy, her breath coming in little moans and gasps as her pleasure builds, but soon finds her own fingers hit the spot better than her makeshift sex toy. She turns onto her front, bubble butt in the air, her fingers probing deeply as she rubs her way to a blissful orgasm.