The Life Erotic – Lash 2

The Life Erotic Lash 2
Briz, a cute brunette with short, dark hair, lies prone on a couch, feet flexing as the broad lash of a black riding crop strikes her soles, then moves up to slap and bounce off her round ass. As we discover her hands are bound with red cord and she?s blindfolded, she rolls over to reveal tattoos and full boobs. She takes the crop and uses it on herself, spanking her own ass and splaying her legs as the lash slaps against her inner thighs. Then she trails the cool black leather over her full-bushed pussy. Soon, it?s clutched tight in both hands as she rubs the shaft harder and harder against her clit and she gets on all fours to give her ass the same attention, plus a sneaky spank here and there. But she?s getting impatient ? on her back again, she spreads wide open, and plunges the handle of the whip into her snatch, rocking, pumping and stirring it inside her until her hand is a blur and she?s almost breathless with pleasure?
Pornstars: Briz

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