The Life Erotic – Time Out 2

The Life Erotic Time Out 2
Dressed in leopard-print panties and a clinging, cropped black sweater, raven-haired, brown-eyed Sapphira A strides into a sun-room and gazes through the window at the world outside ? but she?s brought to a sudden halt by mysterious silken threads restraining her. In vain, she pulls against them before sinking to her knees in frustration. Her hands begin to explore, glittering golden nails gently raking her skin. She frees her beautiful breasts from her top, teasing her hard nipples. Aroused, she pictures herself, body thrashing, getting naked, tugging harder against the threads. Thighs splayed, she pulls her panties to one side and begins to frig her clit, moaning and gasping with pleasure ? then she loses them completely, and plunges her fingers deep into her juicing pussy. A powerful orgasm gives her the strength to throw off her bonds, leaving her naked and ecstatic ? and we leave her running through the woods, free at last.
Pornstars: Sapphira A

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