The Life Erotic – Victoria Daniels

Victoria Daniels Rainy Monday 2
Released: May 31, 2015
A new movie from maverick auteur Paul Black always feels like a major event, and ˜Rainy Monday is quite unique in its stimulating storytelling. From the opening moments, as an unknown girl comes in from the rain, takes off her wet clothes and lights a fire, seemingly mundane actions are suffused with an almost unbearable tension. That tension becomes sexual as we see Victoria Blacks face and figure gorgeous despite her bedraggled state and watch her knock back a large shot of alcohol before using it as a body rub. She massages it briskly into her skin, but her pace slows as she begins to caress her pussy. In a moment of inspiration, the bulbous handle of her umbrella becomes an impromptu sex aid; she thrusts it into her pussy, slowly and steadily at first, her pace quickening as the storm rages outside. And unusually for a Paul Black movie, the moment of release comes not with a cataclysmic explosion, but with a sweetly entertaining visual symbol of her climax. Its a must-see for lovers of groundbreaking, a
rtistic erotica.