Viv Thomas – Alexa Tomas Lea Guerlin in And In The End Episode 3 Content

Alexa Tomas & Lea Guerlin And In The End Episode 3 Content
Released: January 25, 2016
Léa Guerlin looks cute in black and white, as she strokes herself sensuously over the opening credits, before we see lovely Alexa Tomas packing for a trip. Léa is upset that she is leaving, but Alexa consoles her with a kiss. As Alexa is making her travel arrangements, Léa begins to undress her, kissing her hungrily and then spreading her stockinged thighs to eat her sweet pussy. Alexa rocks her hips as Léa licks her skilfully, spinning onto her front to get fingered to a frenzy, and then turning back for Léa to make her orgasm. Later, Léa gives Alexa the silent treatment, then strips seductively for her. Alexa goes down to eat her pussy, frigging her until shes moaning with pleasure and then eating her pussy and ass from behind, before Léa rides her fingers to a powerful orgasm.