Viv Thomas – Alexis Brill Tiffany Doll in Roommate Obsession Episode 2 Craving

Alexis Brill & Tiffany Doll Roommate Obsession Episode 2 Craving
Released: October 2, 2015
French fox Tiffany Doll shows her new roommate Alexis Brill around her apartment, the sparks of attraction flying between them. While Alexis is in the bathroom, we see Tiffanys fantasy she takes Alexis by the hand and leads her straight to the bedroom, where the slender beauty immediately unzips her dress and lets it fall, then moves close to Tiffany, who is rubbing herself frantically through her clothes. They kiss and fondle each other hungrily, then move to the bed, where Tiffany peels off her new paramours sexy panties and goes down to suck her hot pussy. When Alexis is at boiling point, she turns over for Tiffany to lick her tight asshole. Tiffany straddles her face and rides hard, then goes face down, ass up for Alexis to eat her pussy. Alexis fingers her pussy and ass simultaneously, driving her wild. The girls move into scissors, rocking their hips and grinding their pussies together until they both orgasm hard. And does the sweet ending hint that Tiffanys fantasy may be fulfilled? You decide�