Viv Thomas – Anissa Kate Ena Sweet

Anissa Kate, Ena Sweet – Dreams Come True Episode 2 – Idealize

Anissa Kate caresses her big, beautiful breasts as Ena Sweet eats her to a powerful orgasm. Anissa listens, intrigued, as Ena describes a strange dream she had, before tugging down her cute girlfriend’s panties and licking her until she’s gasping with excitement. They kiss and stroke each other, totally absorbed in their mutual passion, and Ena lies back with her thighs spread wide so Anissa can lick and finger her some more. The Spanish sweetheart comes once, and then rubs herself to a second orgasm as Anissa strokes her soft skin. Anissa describes her own dream, but is distracted by Ena sliding a hand into her shorts. The French fox rides Ena’s probing fingers, big breasts jiggling in her face as she orgasms again.

Size: 1.64 GiB
Time: 00:28:36
Format: MP4
Genre: Lesbian
Cast: Anissa Kate, Ena Sweet