Viv Thomas – Mango A Talia Mint in Whisper

Mango A & Talia Mint Whisper
Released: January 20, 2016
Mango dances sexily over the opening credits, before we see Talia Mint in the bathtub, writing in her diary. She confides that she is attracted to her new work colleague Mango, recounting her dream and masturbating as she fantasizes about the two of them together. Mango performs a slow, seductive striptease, the black and white sequence suddenly flooded with colour as we see her straddling Talias face to get eaten. She shudders with pleasure as Talias tongue hits the spot, spinning around into a sixty-nine to get rubbed to a climax. Mango slides a hand into Talias panties to stroke her, then peels them off, licking and fingering her to a mind-blowing climax.